Augmented Reality Case Study for Agricultural Sector


The Client

Seed Works is a Hyderabad based seed technology and breeding company having its presence in Singapore and Philippines. The company provides high-quality and customized seed solutions and technical service for farmers. They aim to harness technology and innovation to provide superior seed solutions to farmers and create value for all stakeholders in a sustainable manner.

The Client Requirement

In line with their mission of leveraging technology to improve their solutions, the client was looking to use Augmented Reality for educating the farmers about their products. As there are a lot of brands in this space, the client wanted to steer ahead of their competitors using the cutting edge visual technology.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

SMACAR Solutions developed an Augmented Reality app for the client which helps to educate the farmers on their products. When a customer scans the seeds package using the app, he/she can view details regarding the client’s products. The app also shows the best ways to use the client’s products to maximize crop performance and enhance farm sustainability.

The Result

In addition to educating farmers about the products, the Augmented Reality app developed by SMACAR Solutions also gives valuable info on the best agricultural practices to maximize their harvest. By engaging the customers with interactive experiences and presenting them with relevant information, the app helped to boost the client’s product sales.


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