Augmented Reality in Events..Get Ready to Take Off on an Augmented Experience

Best Augmented reality games

Best Augmented reality games

Do you want to enjoy a music concert in the middle of the day during office hours? Or would you like front row seats at your favorite ball game? Maybe, if you have missed out on a conference overseas, you could catch up with other delegates right from your desk. Are we serious? Are we for real? Yes, indeed we are! This is what is known as VR or Virtual Reality and AR or Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality Used in Events

The sky’s the limit with the definition Augmented Reality stating that, “A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.” (Courtesy: NASA has joined up with Microsoft to deploy holographic computing technology on the International Space Station which will help to better astronauts’ performance and efficiency with less intensive training. But how does this accelerate events worldwide? Endless possibilities and dimensions beyond belief are now shaping the path of events. This immersive technology could reshape the events with great possibilities.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could guide an event attendee with heads up event directions? Or when attendees wear a headset with facial recognition software they would recognize who they are talking to? This is what Augmented Reality in events offers. The process looks simple with event attendees just using contact lenses or glasses and an AR headset which would be synchronized with a related event planning software. This would help them to engage on an in-depth level with information rich data that is overlaid on that particular event environment. The power of AR and VR has capabilities which transform the attendees’ interaction and attendance. The popular use of Google Glass, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift which are augmented reality and virtual reality headsets have vibrated the world of technology with high impact and has set the event planning industry rolling into a futuristic mode.

Sarah Yeats, Client Services Director at Sledge says, “I think people are realizing the potential and embracing the technology. You can really put yourself or others into an experience / space that you can fully experience for yourself. This is ideal for business in foreign countries as you can bring the place to them if traveling isn’t an option… The tech is becoming more affordable and we are starting to see the opportunity now which is very exciting.” (Courtesy: The Bizzabo Blog)
Virtual Reality in Events

Changing the World of Events with AR and VR

Normally there is a large budget involved when planning an event. This would evolve over speakers, venue for the event, food and beverages and other logistics for that special event. Virtual venues have overtaken the need to plan things on a physical scale with costs being cut and heavy budgets being streamlined. Though expensive in this nascent stage of technology, a virtual event would cost less as technology matures and creating a virtual event with computerized event space would cut down the cost involved in event planning.

With virtual attendance with the help of tele-presence tools tuning in an audience remotely, interaction between the event goers can be facilitated with ease. A remote controlled robot fitted with an iPad has been developed by Double Robotics. These robots can be made available to VIP guests and other important delegates who are not able to attend an due to unforeseen circumstances. This would enable a delegate in New York to attend an event held in Australia without having to undergo log hours of travel, jet lag and time-zone changes. Event goers would get the opportunity to interact with attendees and thereby enhance their experience.

Augmented Reality in events has drastically cut down the need for huge spaces being rented to accommodate products. For instance, a vast area is needed for an automobile exhibition. Augmented Reality has eliminated the need for massive venues and has given car enthusiasts and aficionados to engage in the event through headsets. Breaking open the limitations of conventional events with tablet devices and custom apps, Augmented Reality has rendered a creative and interactive showroom experience.
Giving main stage presentations a more authentic feel, the two-hour keynote held by Google I/O rendered a live stream on the Google I/O website and on YouTube. With a 360° video, the event planners at Google made it possible for the audience located anywhere globally to tune in remotely and feel closer and be a part of the action.


Pepsi using AR for campaign event

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have equipped event planning with exciting opportunities that would involve event attendees with a novel experience which is completely captivating. As event organizers are becoming more aware of this incredible novel experience provided by AR and VR, they can redesign new and vibrant event experiences which would accelerate interaction and eliminate the use of physical spaces.

The potential of Augmented Reality as an immersive technology has taken over as a foremost contender in the world of events. This has been evident at the Augmented Reality Event 2017 where businesses can glean knowledge and make use of networking opportunities. The Augmented Reality Event 2017 has accelerated consumers’ experience with the opportunity to explore and discover all that’s involved with mobile including Virtual Reality, sports tech, drones, gaming and devices.

Spinning on the axis of immersive technology and a fast paced environment, the Augmented Reality Expo has manifested in the AWE (Augmented World Expo) at Santa Clara, California which showcases Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in the world’s biggest expo and conference. Bringing together a melting pot of CTOs, CEOs, developers, designers, futurists, investors, analyzers and creative agencies including prestigious press agencies, this event offers a chance to absorb and experience the intricacies of an intriguing industry.

Enter the Futuristic Module of Augmented Reality Apps

AR Apps

Augmented Reality Apps

Wild yet wonderful, this seamless technology has offered a more solid and robust experience for users with superimposed computer generated images layering, creating and enhancing a composite view that takes one into both virtual and realistic worlds. The future of Augmented Reality apps are vast and endless running the gamut of virtual showrooms, multiplayer games to interactive maps. Each specially created software targets the functionality of the smartphone GPS and camera to offer a more realistic experience.

With a diverse selection of Augmented Reality Apps suited for various devices, users can enjoy a cool spectrum which is both educative and informative such as:

  • Google Goggles
  • Google Sky Map
  • ARkit
  • iOnRoad Augmented Driving
  • AcrossAir
  • Wikitude World Browser
  • AR Invaders
  • Augmented Car Finder takes you into a wild, wonderful world of Augmented Reality Apps to give you a futuristic and immersive concept. Introduction of SMACAR Studio helps anyone to create their own AR experience at no cost using basic bundle and event managers can test it before getting into premium bundles.
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