Augmented Reality Case Study for RISA Banquet Hall

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About the RISA Banquets

RISA Banquets is one of the finest luxury banquets in Chennai with state-of-the-art facilities. Located at the scenic ECR, the banquet hall is adorned with majestic chandeliers, contemporary interiors, and exquisite lighting, making it a perfect venue for celebrating all your joyous occasions.

What RISA Banquets wanted?

RISA Banquet Hall was exemplary in every aspect yet their sales team was having a tough time. Prospective customers could not visualize its capacity or possible decor, making it difficult for them to commit to it as the ideal venue. The Client’s sales team had to overcome this obstacle to attract more customers to book events in their banquet halls.

Problem Definition

Working with this Client was one of SMACAR Solutions initial projects on spatial augmentation. The critical first step was to get a clear understanding of the Client’s problems:

  1. How can the Client’s sales team help its customers envision its halls with all its grandeur and decorations in the best possible and cost-effective way?
  2. How can customers view the hall without having to visit the venue?
  3. How can customers get an idea of the seating arrangements and decoration options without the sales team having to talk about it?

Our Solution

If a picture is worth a million words, 3D visualizations can provide much higher perceived value to a customer. Conventional printed content such as brochures, catalogs and fliers can be brought to life right in front of the customer with the power of Augmented Reality, the disruptive technology that is poised to make visual discovery accessible to the masses. If the Client’s banquet halls could be showcased using realistic 3D models that are interactive and engaging, the customers can visualize the halls at any time and from any place.

The Challenge we faced

Conceiving an idea to actually delivering a solution is most often a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. “Content is king” and the SMACAR team had to ensure that the content the end user experiences was as flawless as possible. It required several interactions with the Client’s sales team and stakeholders to finalize the content, the interactions, the décor options etc. Sticking to an Agile process, several mock-ups were created for Client’s review and approval. The greatest challenge was the size of the 3D models that had to be optimized. The SMACAR team iterated and refactored many technical approaches, to eventually come up with a working solution.

Customer Delight

After a 6 month span and 3 phases of delivery, the Client now has a solution with which they can have their customers scan their brochure to view 3D visualizations of the halls using the SMACAR app, available in Android and IOS. Their Sales team now has a new way to convince customers who have doubts about the venue being ideal for a specific event, or about its seating capacity.

Within a month of deployment, the solution has proved to be effective. The Client has realized an increase in bookings and enhanced perception among their customer base in terms of employing the latest technology for helping customers. They are now forging ahead of their competition.

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