Augmented Reality Case Study for Restaurants

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FoodPath is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in Mumbai, on the Agra National Highway. It offers purely vegetarian delights at affordable prices across Thane and other areas nearby. The restaurant promises you joy & delight through food and service that you shall cherish & savor for a long time.


FoodPath was looking to have a website that reflected the quality of the food and the great service they offer. They wanted their new website design to match the casual yet rich feel of the restaurant which would appeal to their potential customers. The client wanted to showcase the restaurant’s fantastic menu in a way that would make it easy for the people to find what they have on offer.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

SMACAR Solutions created a design that reflects the colors of the client’s logo and accommodates the beautiful and attractive photos of the food, enticing enough for the potential customers to visit the restaurant. By creating a custom product catalog, the client could add images of the food, their prices and description on the website which allows the visitors to easily view all the menu items. To encourage people to come back time and again, SMACAR Solutions integrated an augmented reality game which the customers can play by scanning the client’s logo on printed materials such as flyers, menu card as well as the logo on their website. The game is based on a spin wheel concept which allows the players to win discount offers by spinning a virtual wheel.

The Result

SMACAR Solutions created a brand new website that was easy to navigate for the visitors. The website was designed in a way to help the client to easily maintain and update the website regularly without any assistance from a technical team. The augmented reality based spin wheel game helped to generate curiosity among the customers by providing them with interactive experiences in addition to winning discount offers. The game provided an opportunity for the client to get more out of the promotional materials such as flyers and entice their customers to visit their restaurant again.

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