Augmented Reality Case Study for Newspaper

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The Client

The client is a leading weekly newspaper agency in Malaysia giving young readers unrivaled access to international, national and regional news that unfold over a week. Their audience can also have access to the news articles that appear in the printed newspaper via an app that allows them to find news that matter the most to them on the go.

The Client Requirement

The client was looking for ways to keep the audience hooked onto both their news app and printed newspaper and to penetrate into new reader base.

How did SMACAR Solutions Help?

SMACAR Solutions incorporated augmented reality into the client’s existing newspaper app. Previously, the users can view the latest news over the past week either via the news app or the newspaper. By incorporating augmented reality into the app, the users can read the news articles in an innovative way via the printed newspaper and the app. One should scan the newspaper article through the news app which then displays a video footage related to the scanned article. The readers can access their previous watch history of videos viewed with the help of augmented reality. The app also features a section that displays redeemable coupons which were placed as ads in the printed newspaper by the businesses.

The Result

SMACAR Solutions helped the client to differentiate itself from its competitors. As the world is moving towards a digital future, the future of printed newspapers appears to be gloomy. This step taken by the client towards adopting augmented reality joins them in an elite group that has explored this emerging technology to keep up with the changing times. By incorporating augmented reality, the client is able to provide interactive and engaging stories to its readers thereby increasing its reading base and attract new audiences, especially the young readers.

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