Augmented Reality Case Study for Gurucool


The Client

Gurucool is an online retailer that sells games and activity kits for children. Through the board games, cards and activity kits, they aspire to teach children about ancient Indian wisdom in a fun and dynamic way. Teaching the young Indian minds mythology in an appealing and interesting way was the main challenge faced by the client.

The Client Requirement

Gurucool wanted an Android application which could be used by kids to watch the videos or to listen to the audios. Rich stories depicting Indian culture are made into videos and audios, and those are linked with the marker. When the user scans the marker, the linked video or audio should play on the marker using  AR .

How did SMACAR Solutions Help?

SMACAR Solutions addressed this challenge by developing an AR integrated android app for the client. When a user scans the cards with mythological characters using the AR app, they come to life in the form of animations and videos. The kids can learn about the name and other interesting aspects of the mythological characters through the AR view. AR app helps to encourage kids to learn about mythological characters through their animated version.

What makes Gurucool Stand out?

Using augmented reality to combine digital content which is visually appealing with old-fashioned flash cards, the app ensured that learning about Indian mythology was interactive and engaging enough to raise the curiosity level and interest among the kids.


    1. Android studio (IDE for Android)
    2. Admob sdk
    3. Vuforia’s SDK
    4. Rally (project management)
    5. Agile methodology/Scrum meeting.
    6. Web services ( php )

The Result

By creating fun learning experiences via augmented reality, SMACAR Solutions could help the client in their endeavor to pass on the ancient trove of wisdom to the current generation. SMACAR Solutions ability to create interactive augmented reality content that piques the curiosity of the kids has impressed the client.

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