Augmented Reality Case Study for Education

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Augmented Reality SMACAR Solutions developed an augmented reality app for a university in the US with a host of community colleges under it. The university wanted to enhance the student’s lab sessions and practical learning experiences by adding digital elements to the real world. In an effort to capture students’ attention towards practical education and encourage them not to miss their practical lab sessions and complete their assignments on time, the university was looking towards adopting augmented reality.

The students’ participation in extra-curricular activities like sports or major health issues come in their way of attending the lab sessions at the allocated time. Considering the importance given to practical labs in universities and colleges to successfully complete a course in science and the emphasis on practical experience by employers, attending the lab sessions has become crucial for science students. The augmented reality app helps to solve this issue.

 AR not only helps to improve the skills of the students but also can create a positive attitude in them towards practical labs. It helps to create interactive environments that allow students to interact with their surroundings and enhances the information they receive by superimposing virtual elements that help to bring in additional information.

SMACAR Solutions helped the university in adopting augmented reality by developing a customized AR app suited for their requirement. Students can download the augmented reality app and can use it during the practical lab sessions. The augmented reality app guides the students on how to perform an experiment and they also can view the instructions related to the assignments without the need for monitoring and supervision. By using the smartphones, students are able to point their cameras at the equipment in the labs and see-through augmented reality how to operate the equipment and finish the day’s experiment. At the end of the experiment, they can view the assignments related to the experiment and finish & submit it to their lab in-charge.

 By adopting augmented reality, the university has created new and useful ways to set up an interactive environment that aids the colleges in imparting practical knowledge in a productive way and encourages the students to attend practical labs at their convenient time and enhance their learning through interactive and immersive experiences.

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