Augmented Reality Business Card Case Study

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The Client

The client is a US-based consulting firm offering solutions that help organizations to thrive. Their solutions are aimed at driving optimization in the workplace that helps to engage, inform and reward workers and enhance the transactions between companies and their customers.

The Client Requirement

The client was looking for innovative ways to brand their company and stand out from the competitors. They also wanted a means to showcase themselves in a unique way and turn their marketing materials into an active communication tool.

How did SMACAR Solutions help?

SMACAR Solutions helped the client by developing an Augmented Reality app that allows their customers to scan the marketing materials like brochures, flyers and business card and view information related to the client. When the marketing material is scanned, the user can view the link to the client’s website, contact information pertaining to the client, a motivational video by the client and an interactive 3D view of the client’s office with directions shown in Google maps.

The Result

The client can now use marketing materials as unique and effective tools to represent them and let customers remember them. The Augmented Reality solution offers the client a new means for brand engagement and their customers to reach out to them in a more personalized way.


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