Convergence of Augmented Reality and Big Data



We live in a new business era where we are overloaded with data. Data-driven decisions play a vital role in helping businesses to remain relevant, expand their business margins and gain some momentum for their long-term growth strategies. Big Data can play a major role in helping businesses make use of the data in the best possible way.

One can define Big Data as huge sets of structured and unstructured data used for analyzing and improving the world. It is a result of the huge data deluge from different quarters such as social networks, Internet, transactions, sensor networks, and health care devices.

The real challenge in Big Data lies in visualizing & analyzing the huge amount of data and understanding the complex data structures. Augmented Reality can help to bring about innovation to Big Data in terms of interaction and visualization.

Augmented Reality is an immersive technology that enhances the user’s view of the real world with virtual objects superimposed upon it. It helps to visualize complex data structures on an interactive canvas in a much simpler and understandable way possible.

In this article, we will explore the opportunities that can result from the convergence of Augmented Reality and Big data.

Big Data Powered by Augmented Reality

Interpretation plays a major role in big data analysis which allows users to derive actionable insights from large and complex data sets. Augmented Reality provides powerful and interactive visualizations that help users to easily and fully understand the data which is one of the key success factors for businesses driven by data. Below are some of the ways in which Augmented Reality helps to enhance Big Data Technology:

Data Visualization for Easy Interpretation

Interpreting complex data sets to derive actionable insights from them forms the basis of Big Data. Augmented Reality helps to convert data into a valuable asset for businesses. Visualization of plain numbers in the form of compelling and interactive stories helps the user understand and gain more insights from the data.

User Interaction

Augmented Reality provides the required user-friendly interface for users to interact with the mashup of data from various sources. This helps to increase the chances of finding relevant and interesting things from the huge data deluge. In addition to providing hands-free usage with wearable devices, Augmented Reality also helps to provide users with secure access to data.

Augmented Reality allows for viewing & interacting with data on an intangible surface without physical constraints and also shares the same data set with multiple users in a collaborative mode. In this mode, each user can view the data in their own way and perspective. Overall, Augmented Reality acts as a useful canvas for users to view big data sets and provides better interactive experiences.

Augmented Reality Driven by Big Data

Data capturing the physical context is necessary for the proper functioning of Augmented Reality applications. Proper presentation of data in a particular manner allows Augmented Reality applications to overlay the same on the real world. Considering the amount of data that is received from various sources, Big Data helps to make sense of this data deluge and present it in a specific manner that makes Augmented Reality more feasible for practical use.


The data about the surroundings, environment and other geospatial information is what powers the augmented reality applications in providing highly immersive and interactive experiences. Big Data helps to offer quick availability of data to enrich the Augmented Reality experiences. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, adds value to Big Data in terms of visualization and interaction.


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