Artificial Intelligence for IoT


An overlap between Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things is quite inevitable as AI stimulates intelligent behavior in machines whereas IoT interconnects the machines and makes use of the data generated through them.


The need to incorporate AI into IoT applications

IoT devices generate large volumes of data. This data will be of more value only when it can be analyzed and acted upon. Here’s where AI comes into the picture.  AI helps to analyze the large volumes of data and derive actionable insights from it which the IoT applications or the devices can later put to good use.

Traditional methods fail in efficiently analyzing the vast amounts of real-time data that are streamed from the IoT devices. AI especially Machine Learning helps to analyze and extract the optimum value from this data.

AI embedded in an IoT environment plays a crucial role in both real-time and post-event processing. During real-time processing, you can expect quick responses to conditions and also the buildup of data pertaining to the events. In the aftermath of an event, AI helps to run predictive analysis by identifying patterns within the datasets.

A few examples of AI being integrated into an IoT environment;

Self-driving cars by Tesla Motors

All Tesla cars operate as a network. When one car uses the power of AI to learn and predict the behavior of other vehicles and pedestrians in various conditions, all other Tesla cars in the network learn from it.

Automated vacuum cleaners

These vacuum cleaners can work efficiently by mapping and storing the home layout. They can adjust themselves to different surfaces and clean a room in the most efficient manner.

Industrial IoT

In an industrial setup, AI and IoT are being used together for predictive maintenance. AI aids by deriving insights from datasets received from IoT devices and using it to predict the conditions that can result in equipment failure.

AI and IoT complement each other and work together as connected intelligence to make data actionable by supplementing it with creativity and context.


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