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Our augmented reality products – SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio, enables educational institutions in providing engaging and interactive learning experiences for students. By combining augmented reality with the education sector, our products help in creating magical experiences for everyone involved and creates scenarios that enhance the learning environment which is otherwise unthinkable. Be it interactive flashcards, gamification of the learning process, creating practical learning experiences, simplifying the process of learning abstract concepts and in understanding them better, aiding the students in lab sessions and in their preparation for exams, our augmented reality products are versatile and universally applicable to any level of education and training.

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Real Estate

SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio helps in transforming the real estate industry by leveraging the capabilities of augmented reality. From taking the prospective customers on a virtual tour of their future homes to showcasing lifelike and interactive 3D models of a home or apartment, SMACAR app can aid the real-estate developers in every possible way that ensures great ROI for their business. Using the SMACAR Studio, the realtors can create their own augmented reality ad campaigns that perform better than traditional campaigns. The analytics feature of Studio allows the realtors to keep track of their ad campaigns and through data-driven insights, they can measure the success of their campaigns.

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AR Real Estate
AR Ecommerce

Retail / E-commerce

Our in-house products SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio can aid the retailers and e-commerce businesses in providing immersive shopping experiences for their customers. Interactive catalogs & brochures, demonstration of products in 3D models, creating virtual inventories and allowing the customers to virtually try the products are possible through our augmented reality app and studio. All of these possibilities aid in improving the sales for retailers and e-commerce stores by the way of facilitating the path to purchase, empowering customers during decision making and reducing expenses in returns and exchanges.

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Manufacturing / Industrial

SMACAR app aids in every process of manufacturing industry such as providing assistance during the complex assembly process, allows for remote guidance during maintenance and servicing, training the newly joined factory line workers, and assists in the quality control process. Using SMACAR Studio, the manufactures can overlay digital content on top of the equipment or factory environment in the form of training videos, 3D models of equipment and 2D/3D animations of the industrial processes and they can view the content through SMACAR app. Overall, it helps to improve the manufacturing processes which in turn results in enhanced product quality and reduced production time.

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AR Model
AR Marketing

Marketing / Advertising

Making marketing campaigns richer, interactive, engaging and valuable to the audience is one of the toughest challenges that businesses face today. Through SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio, businesses and ad agencies can overcome these challenges and achieve higher ROI than the traditional ad campaigns can procure. Our products enable companies to reach target the audience through personalized marketing and allow for data-driven marketing strategies. Ad campaigns run through our AR products help companies to attract new customers, generate more sales and add extra value to their products and services.

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Media / Entertainment

With the use of our in-house augmented reality products, you can deliver content which can be news, movie trailers or television & other media ads in an engaging and innovative way. SMACAR app allows a user to watch a preview of a movie in 2D/3D just by pointing his/her smartphone camera at a poster of the movie. This helps to boost the movie promotions resulting in increased curiosity and interest among the movie goers. One can create immersive and interactive experiences by offering visual representations of stories to the audiences via the SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio. By doing so, viewers are drawn deeper into the content and connect with the stories immediately.

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AR Events


SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio together is a deadly combo which helps companies leverage the capabilities of augmented reality to make their promotional events or their participation in trade shows a success. Our products help companies in conducting highly engaging and interactive promotional events which are unique and crowd-pulling. The SMACAR app can take the events to the next level by adding interactive elements to them, entertaining the visitors and help companies to showcase their products in unique and quirky ways. Using SMACAR Studio, companies can get access to dashboards that show AR interactions at the events in real time.

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From improving quality of treatment patients receive by educating them on their health condition to assisting doctors while performing complicated surgeries and helping medical students understand human anatomy, disease pathology and surgical procedures in the best possible way are some of the benefits that the combination of SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio can offer. Our products can assist the physicians in their training and day-to-day practice in addition to helping in the maintenance of hospital equipment.

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AR Healthcare
AR Tourism

Tourism / Travel

Our in-house augmented reality app – SMACAR can provide long-term value for the travel & tourism sector. The app has great potential to transform travelers’ experiences by overlaying useful information over the traveler’s view of the real-world. The app serves as a guide for the visitors by providing detailed information about a place in addition directions to specific locations such as nearby hotels, restaurants etc. It also helps to provide a virtual glimpse of a place in the form of 3D images and interactive content. Using the combination of SMACAR app and SMACAR Studio, one can recreate the ancient world that allows the tourists to travel back in time and experience the magnificent era.


Using our in-house augmented reality products, you can dynamically connect your workforce with people, information, and core systems that help to run the plant & warehouse. By increasing quality & production efficiency and reducing any delays in the production line, our AR apps help to accelerate the path from production to customer delivery. Your factory-line workers can complete their tasks faster and with fewer errors by using the SMACAR app.

AR Verticals



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