Augmented Reality for Print Industry

AR in printing-Smacar_Solutions

AR in printing-Smacar_Solutions

Bridge the gap between print and digital worlds using augmented reality. You may already be aware of augmented reality thanks to the popular Pokemon Go game and Snapchat’s augmented reality filters. But to a few who have no idea of this emerging technology; Augmented reality is an immersive technology that enhances the user’s perception of the real world by overlaying computer-generated sensory input over the physical environment.

What is the need for Augmented printing?

Augmented reality helps to smoothen the process of transition from paper to digital. This cutting-edge technology helps to address the constraints of the print industry and can help to meet a broad range of goals related to the promotional aspect of the sector.

Traditional print media is unidirectional and is restricted to one-way communication where the information is transmitted via a static product such as newspaper, book or printed brochures etc. The reader plays a passive role and cannot respond in any way to the sender of the information which can be a newspaper agency, a book publisher or a brand.  Moreover, the information conveyed do not change over time and context. Paper is the only medium to communicate the information and cannot include other information sources such as audio, video, links etc.

Augmented printing helps to address these issues by adding a layer of interactivity to the print media which is further enhanced by the social features. It helps to communicate context-sensitive content using various media such as text, 3D models, audio, video, graphics etc.

Benefits of Augmented reality for the print industry

  • Helps to increase the number of the sold copies
  • Create new revenue streams for advertising via print media
  • Enhances the readers’ loyalty by addressing their needs through context-sensitive information.
  • Increases the level of engagement experienced by the readers.
  • Helps to reach out to a larger reader base

Let’s explore some of the examples of augmented reality in print media:

Augmented Reality Newspapers and Magazines

You can add a layer of interactivity to your static news and magazine articles without having to write a single line of code. SMACAR Studio, an augmented reality platform helps you to augment digital information with printed content on the newspapers and magazines.

Create markers for specific articles using the SMACAR Studio dashboard. Choose from an array of options available as the digital output such as external links to your website, link to YouTube videos or upload videos and add social media links. You can augment 2D/3D images or any graphics or animations as the output whichever is relevant to the specific article and gives the reader access to extra information. The digital output is triggered when the reader scans the marker using the SMACAR app or a customized augmented reality app.

Augmented Reality Books

Make your books fun and interactive with SMACAR’s augmented reality solutions. SMACAR Solutions helps to create interactive augmented reality solutions that bring the static images in the books to life and helps the kids to learn more with additional information in the form of videos and links to relevant information source materials.

Augmented Reality Brochures & Catalogs

Brochures and catalogs form the large part of marketing promotions when it comes to print mediums. You can offer unique experiences to your prospective customers through interactive advertising campaigns by leveraging our in-house augmented reality products. SMACAR also offers customized solutions which allow you to engage with your target buyers in the form of polls, surveys, virtual try-on and virtual tours which get triggered when brochures, leaflets, flyers or catalogs are scanned.

Augmented Reality Business Cards

Transform your business cards into a mini resume using the SMACAR Studio. You can use the business card as a marker which when scanned through the SMACAR app provides a person with additional information than what is printed on the business card.

Augmented Reality and the Future of Print Industry

There are a lot of factors which enables the adoption of Augmented Reality solutions in print and publishing industry.

  1. Growing adoption of smartphones worldwide
  2. Increasing usage of internet on mobile devices
  3. Distribution of same content on cross-media streams

Augmented Reality helps to enhance the value of paper-based publishing products without the need to replace them in today’s digital era.

How to Collaborate with SMACAR Solutions?

Here’s how you can engage with SMACAR Solutions. You can either opt for our SMACAR reseller program or choose the white label solution. Through the SMACAR reseller program, we aim to empower our partners to create enhanced AR experiences for their clients and improve their ROI. By joining the program, you will get access to our in-house products. A versatile augmented reality app which places digital objects onto the physical world and a Do-It-Yourself augmented reality studio.

With the SMACAR’s white label solution, you will have complete brand control and have all the functionality and features that are available in our in-house products. You can brand the AR solution the way you want! You will have access to unmatched AR solution at the price less than the cost required for custom development. The white label solution allows for the incorporation of every possible feature that you want in addition to the features available in the SMACAR products.


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