Announcing SMACAR Studio – Web Based DIY Augmented Reality Tool

SMACAR Solutions Launches a New Augmented Reality Tool That Allows Users to Create, Publish and Track Augmented Reality Experiences.

Chennai, India. – January 4th, 2017 – SMACAR Solutions today announced the launch of an intuitive do-it-yourself web-based AR interface – SMACAR Studio, that allows a potential customer to augment their printed content and objects by linking them to relevant digital assets, manage, analyze and track the user engagement and effectiveness. Users can log in to the SMACAR Studio at and let their imagination go wild and create amazing AR experiences. No coding skills required! With the help of SMACAR Studio, users can bring printed media, brochures, billboards, packaging and even book to life.

SMACAR Studio comes with a simple interface that allows users to augment and trigger all kinds of digital content including text, video, audio, 2D/3D graphics and animations into their projects or marketing campaigns. These AR experiences can be accessed via the SMACAR app which is an in-house AR app released by SMACAR Studio recently.

Sreehari Unnikrishnan, CEO of SMACAR Solutions, says, “SMACAR Studio allows users to build immersive AR experiences in just a few clicks. The studio comes with an easy to learn & use interface that allows just about anyone without any expertise or training in augmented reality to create and publish scalable AR experiences. SMACAR Studio provides an interface for the brands and agencies to build and run their own AR campaigns to create customer awareness and engagement.”

About SMACAR Solutions:

SMACAR Solutions is a technology startup that specializes in cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and IoT. They are a one-stop shop for AR based solutions. With their major focus on AR, SMACAR Solutions offers enterprise solutions by combining AR with Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud based solutions.

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