SMACAR Solutions on the Verge of Striking Deal with an Ad Agency for Content Creation


SMACAR Solutions is on the verge of striking an amazing deal with an advertising client for digital asset creation. As part of the deal, SMACAR Solutions will create digital assets for the client’s projects for a year.

Augmented reality is only as good as the content that can be activated and viewed. Digital assets play an important role in bringing believability to augmented reality experiences. They help to create truly engaging and immersive experiences.

We will be creating relevant and high-quality digital assets from 3D models to data points and illustrations. Through digital asset creation, we will ensure all the client’s AR ideas progress smoothly, in addition, to help them differentiate their approach and make them stand out.

The advertising firm has already entered into a partnership with SMACAR Solutions through the white label program. The white label solution provides the client with the opportunity to benefit from Augmented Reality solutions tailor-made for their specific needs.

With the white label solution, the client will have complete brand control and have all the functionality and features that are available in SMACAR’s products which comprise of an intuitive Do-It-Yourself SMACAR Studio, template-based AR app, and an AR content management system. The white label solution allows for the incorporation of every possible feature that the client wants in addition to the features already available.

This deal strengthens the relationship between the client and SMACAR Solutions and paves way for few more strategic alliances in the future.

About SMACAR Programs

Are you looking for a similar situation and plan to collaborate with SMACAR Solutions to use our AR products and create new opportunities for your business? Here’s how you can engage with SMACAR Solutions. You can either enter into a strategic partnership with us through the SMACAR reseller program or opt for our White Label solution. Click here to contact us and learn more about SMACAR Programs.


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