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SMACAR is a template based augmented reality app that can display information in multiple pre-defined digital content formats such as text, video, audio, 2D/3D graphics, and animations depending on the context of the target scanned by the user. It is a versatile app which is useful for a multitude of sectors right from retail, education, entertainment to real estate etc. Read More

The app is available for both iOS and Android.

AR Experience
in 5 Steps

1. Create Campaign
Manage the AR experiences you create using the SMACAR Studio by grouping the markers you want to augment and classifying them using different types.
2. Upload Markers
Markers are the images of printed content or physical objects you want to augment and overlay with digital assets.
3. Link Outputs
Outputs are the digital assets like links, audio, video, 2D/3D graphics and animations that you want to show when a user scans the augmented marker with the SMACAR App.
4. Preview & Publish
Preview the outputs you link and interactions you create. When ready to share it with the world, Publish the AR experience to our cloud based servers.
5. Test & Track
Download our SMACAR App and Test the AR experience you just created. Track how many times your AR experience was viewed and from where.


Create your own augmented reality experiences with SMACAR Studio. It is an intuitive Do-It-Yourself interface that can be accessed through mobile, tablet or desktop. No coding skills required. Studio enables a potential Customer to augment their printed content and objects by linking them to relevant digital assets, manage, analyze and track the user engagement and effectiveness.

SMACAR’s Customized Augmented Reality Solutions to Cater to Your Industry Needs.
Enhancing Digital Experiences Through SMACAR
App Users
Markers Uploaded
Light-weight Augmented Reality App and Studio that lets you create mini-websites and comes with the image recognition capability
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The AR app looks wonderful! Well done! Happy to connect


It was a great experience to work with SMACAR. This was the first step for Gurucool venturing into the digital space. And SMACAR made it an easy and smooth process. I'm most appreciative of their quick response time and the fact that they could be reached at any time. Thank you SMACAR. Of course look forward to working with you again.

Risa Banquets

This is to mention that the AR Models done for Risa Banquets has been a great experience with Smacar over Phase 1 and Phase 2. The team work has been excellent throughout and I also appreciate the level of patience that your team had followed to understand our requirements in detail and implement them. There has been a great improvement from phase 1 to phase 2 models with respect to design which is also a point to mention. Looking forward for more good stuff Keep up the great work!

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